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Below is a list of the ranges available. At MPCC we won’t claim we can do everything, but what we can do, we do well.

Based in the UK, we have been manufacturing and supplying spares for the Oil & Gas, marine and power industries since 1986. With our in house Marine Engineer we can solve any technical worries you may have. MPCC aims to supply all our ranges from stock and if we can’t manufacture it, we can source the products from our trusted local suppliers.

  • Atlas Copco
  • Hamworthy
  • Hatlapa
  • J.P. Sauer & Sohn
  • Sperre
  • Tamrotor
  • Tanabe
  • Teikoku
  • Yanmar
Sperre Compressors
LL2/77 LL2/90 LL2/105 LL2/120
LL2/140 LL2/160 HLH/119 HLF2/77
HL2/90 HL2/105 HL2/120 HL2/140
HL2/160 HV1/85 HV1/120 HV2/140
HV1/156 HV2/200 HV2/210 HV2/219
HV2/220 HV2/240 HV2/270 HV2/285
Hatlapa Compressors
L9 L14 L20 L35
L50 L80 L90 L140
L160 L190 L220 L270
L350 W30 W40 W55
W110 W140 W220 W280
W330 W420 V105 V150
V200 V250 V375
Sauer compressors
WP65L WP81L WP8101L WP121L
WP151L WP271L WP311L WP100
WP200 WP240 WP400
Tamrotor compressors
TMC6-8 TMC6-10 TMC9-8 TMC9-10
TMC14-8 TMC14-10 TMC18-8 TMC18-10
TMC21-8 TMC21-10 EMH21-8 EMH21-10
EMH21-13 EMH26-8 EMH26-10 EMH26-13
EMH35-8 EMH35-10 EMH35-13 EMH44-8
EMH44-10 EMH44-13 TMC54-8 TMC54-10
TMC54-13 TMC65-8 TMC65-10 TMC65-13
TMC85-8 TMC85-10 TMC85-13 TMC105-8
TMV105-10 TMC105-13 TMC125-8 TMC125-10
TMC125-13 TMC150-8 TMC150-10 TMC150-13
TMC185-8 TMC185-10 TMC185-13 TMC235-10
TMC235-13 TMC240-8 TMC240-10 TMC240-13
TMC290-8 TMC290